National Conference on Alternative Care in Albania

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28 Mar 2017
Save the Children in Albania

Save the Children Albania in collaboration with Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth have organised the National Conference "Family based care should prevail over the residential institution care" . Main aim of the event was to bring into the attention the prevention of the residential institucionalisation for children and emphisize the need for establishing qualitative alternative care services in country.

Main participants in the conference were Znj.Olta Xhacka, Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mrs. Voltana Ademi, Head of Shkodra Municipality, Mrs. Antonella Scolamiero, Head of UNICEF in Albania, Mrs. Jumanah Zabaneh, representative of the office of Save the Children in Eurasia, Mrs. Anila Meco, Director of Save the Children, the central and local governing institutions and social service experts and specialists who provide these services for children and their families.

In Albania, the total number of children living in residential centers is 846, of whom 285 are children with disabilities and 561 with other issues. Most of the children living in these centers come from families with economic and social problems.

This conference aimed at focusing on a moment of reflection on the actualization of priorities and policies into concrete plans highlighting challenges and offering real solutions and to strengthen cooperation and partnership between central and local level. All the recommendations and conclusions of the conference, that emerged from the working groups, composed of professionals in the field and service providers, will serve to improve policy and national protection and childcare plans.

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