No Way Out for Refugee Kids Selling Themselves in Athens

21 Jul 2016
Refugees Deeply

Refugees Deeply reports that there has been a rise in migrant children in Athens turning to prostitution and the drug trade to escape desperate conditions. It is thought that 57,000 refugees are stuck in the “holding pen” of Athens due to border closures. The dangerous border controls emplaced by European states has seen smugglers and traffickers take monopoly over border crossings, which have become increasingly expensive and inaccessible to many, especially unaccompanied children on the move. The lack of suitable accommodation for migrants and refugees in the Greek capital has resulted in huge numbers of people sleeping rough, or in temporary, dirty and dangerous accommodation. Children are often held in police cells, becoming ever more suspicious of authorities, suffering mental and physical harm and unable to access legal, medical or social support. In an attempt to escape these appalling conditions, children are turning to prostitution and drugs, increasingly susceptible to trafficking. 

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