[Norway] BBC: Norway's Hidden Scandal

03 Aug 2018

Where calls to strengthen child protection services (CPS) are common place in many countries, there is an instance where a strong CPS has the potential to become too 'aggressive'. This BBC report looks at Norway's CPS, after a scandal revealed that a child protection professional had persistently viewed child pornography. The scandal sparked fresh concerns regarding cases where the risk assessments he had carried out resulted in 'aggressive' outcomes, such as putting children away in foster care even though parents or legal guardians were able to provide for them. Several other stories featured in the report also allege that child protection officers did not make objective judgements, and in instances conducted their assessment procedures with leading questions or giving little weight to childrens' accounts. 

It is unclear about the Barnevernet's (Norwegian CPS) plans to review affected cases. Looking forward, this story should illustrate to child protection officers the importance of reviewing facts objectively and impartially, and take greater consideration of the child's testimony. 

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