Qualitative research on social norms and factors influencing domestic violence, gender-based violence and physical punishment of children

08 Apr 2016

Kosovo: The qualitative assessment, conducted by UNICEF and DOTS, explored using a social norms perspective attitudes and perceptions of men and women on gender-based violence and physical punishment of children, what social and individual factors influence adoption of violent practices, how violence is perpetuated from generation to generation.

The presentation of the Key findings will be followed by a two-day interactive workshop in Pristina, Kosovo,(facilitated by Regional Office Gender Specialist, Mrs. Maha Muna) where research finding will be further analyzed, and potential interventions to address domestic and gender-based violence and physical punishment of children at local and central levels will be explored. The workshop will represent an opportunity to strengthen participants’ understanding of social norms and identify ways address and transform harmful social norms, with focus on gender-based violence and child abuse.

The event will take place on 12-13 April 2016, in Hotel Sirius, Pristina, Kosovo. It will start with the presentation of the key findings, being followed by the interactive workshop 

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