Roda and UNICEF presented manual „Support for breastfeeding and young children feeding in crisis situations“

20 Mar 2017

During political crisis or crisis caused by natural disasters, shortage of safe water and food threatens people's health and even life. Children younger than five years are especially in danger and the most vulnerable are those younger than one year. Half of fatalities caused by inadequate nutrition refers to infants and most of these are a result of diarrhea, dehydration and malnutrition.

Based on the experiences gained during the migrant and refugee crisis in Croatia, Roda made handbook which contains operational guidelines for institutions and organizations that provide help in crisis situations. In case of natural disaster in Croatia, these guidelines could help organize quick and efficient supportive systems in order to insure optimal nutrition for the youngest children.

Civil society organisation Roda has already, in cooperation with UNICEF, participated in the development of the Center for mother and child. The goal was to provide adequate support for pregnant women, mothers and young children in breastfeeding and maintaining hygiene and health.

Floods in Posavina and migrant and refugee crisis helped us see what is necessary. We need to start planning on time because protection of children's health and safety has to be priority in any society.  

You can find manual here.


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