[Romania] In Bacau country, 37 communities benefit from infrastructure investments in social, health and education sectors

20 Feb 2018

"Support for social infrastructure, health and education" (SHINE), a project that aims to support social, health and education services by implementing infrastructure investments in 37 localities (communes and towns) in Bacău County, at the beginning of this year, in the second implementation phase.

SHINE involves a step-by-step method involving, in the first phase, the consultation of several groups at the level of local communities to assess investment needs. In the next step, investments aiming at achieving a significant impact on children's quality of life are to be achieved.

The assessment stage of infrastructure investment needs involved the realization of meetings with local authorities between July and December 2017, with groups of children, teachers and parents, as well as with other actors from each of the 37 communities (NGO- priests, citizens, etc.). At the end of the consultative process, a new meeting was held with local representatives, alongside which the most necessary investment was set for their community. The final decision was taken in accordance with the needs and expectations of the children and according to the common needs highlighted by the meetings with the groups mentioned above. Altogether, over 230 meetings were held in 37 communes and cities, attended by more than 2500 people.

The second stage started at the beginning of 2018 with a series of meetings with representatives of the local authorities participating in the project, grouped on the types of investments to be made by the middle of 2019: "playgrounds", "multisports", " equipment / facilities "," sanitary groups "," rehabilitation of buildings and thermal power stations ". As a result, the list of investment projects, procurement procedures and the amount of co-financing were finalized.

Next, the project team will involve children in their investment design so that their vision can be found in the finalized objectives, thus contributing to the sustainability of the work, the transfer of responsibility and the development of the sense of ownership.

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