[Romania] "Move together" - strengthening social connection between refugees and host communities through sports

20 Feb 2018

In January 2018, Terre des hommes Foundation, Romanian delegation, started to implement the European pilot project “Move together” – that approaches sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion of refugees. The project lasts 12 months and it is funded by the European Commission. (EAC/ S16/2017).

The specific objectives of the project are: strengthening intercultural dialogue and social connection between refugees and host communities; raising awareness on the potential of sport to make a contribution to the local integration of refugees; not the last, creating a mixed group of women trainers able to provide psychosocial support through Movement, Games and Sport (MGS) to refugee children and youth.

MGS, developed by Terre des hommes Foundation and implemented in the last 10 years in Romania is based on learning by doing and approaching the game as a psychosocial instrument for children and young people, that globally develop their soul, mind and body, teach them to work in team, trust themselves, express their emotions and not the last, access their creative resources.

In the second part of the year, the mixed group of trainees in MGS will organize 4 sport events focused on fair-play, non discrimination and game inclusion. They will have the support of the local sport clubs from Bucharest and Constanta. At these events, there will be invited to attend more 120 children and young people from all communities, refugees, foreign and Romanians.

Through all the activities of the project, we hope to increase understanding, respect for cultural diversity  and increased public awareness on the benefits of sport for social inclusion. 

This project is funded by: