[Romania] School bullying rates reflect the quality of community life. We’re standing really bad.

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26 Nov 2019

According to surveys, Romania is ranked first in Europe in terms of the level of school bullying. To remedy the situation, a law has been drafted to prohibit bullying in educational institutions. The methodology will be shortly developed by the Ministry of Education.

Well-functioning communities have lower rates of harassment, so prevention and community sensitization are important.

At the János Hám Catholic Theological High School in Satu Mare, they have been dealing with this subject for a long time, keeping activities to sensitize their students. According to Sándor Frigy, the school’s counsellor and head of education, the perpetrators themselves are often victims of violence, so it is important to pay attention to them. He explained that it is needed to work community to develop empathy in students and build a good relationship with teachers. Teachers should be able to distinguish everyday conflicts between students from bullying. In his view, the communication opportunities provided by the Internet have intensified bullying, and teachers are often helpless against bullying performed on the messenger. It is also a question of whether this is a school competence or whether it is part of the private sphere.

Sanziana Pop, head od the Satu Mare Resource and Education Advisory Centre (CJRAE), said that Romania’s poor performance is due to the fact that other countries recognize bullying faster and treat it more professionally than Romania.

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