[Romania] Terre des hommes supports local initiatives through self-help grants

12 Oct 2017

In the region of Oltenia, Romania, Terre des hommes - Switzerland (Tdh) Foundation inspires and encourages young people to support local authorities and communities interested in providing resources and programs aimed at contributing to a better quality of children's lives. By supporting local initiatives centered on the prevention of risk situations for children in the Oltenia region, Tdh attaches great importance to the participation of children and young people in social life, at the community / city / county level, in organizing activities to raise decision-makers' awareness and members of the community, activities to facilitate the access of vulnerable children to various services, training or the improvement of certain abilities. In this respect, Terre des hommes will financially support the implementation of approximately 36 projects through the self-help grants program in 2017, Tdh continues to focus on the well-being of young people and children in promoting the social inclusion of people ethnic roma and affirms their intention to support community groups in the counties of Dolj, Olt and Gorj to contribute to the improvement of the situation of over 2000 children and young people and their families. In the effort to include this number of children, in 2017, Tdh will provide institutions, community associations, NGOs and other non-profit local, legally established entities, an amount of approximately 145,140 RON.

The main purpose of the grant scheme is to empower children and young people to:

  • share your views and experience;
  • to help raise awareness of sensitive issues related to the protection of children's rights;
  • support risk prevention (understanding risk, learning ways to stay safe and make positive choices);
  • facilitate children's access to information, counseling and support (eg. peer / peer education).

The self-help grant program is part of a program launched in 2016 and runs in three stages in total (2016, 2017 and 2018) for a total of 75 grants as the project progresses.  Full details of the conditions and procedure for awarding grants are available in the applicant's guide and all the other annexes (in Romanian).

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