• Consultative meeting on internet safety for children in Albania
06 Oct 2015
Tdh Albania

About 50 participants, representatives of goverment institutions, international organizations and Civil Society gathered in a consultation meeting to discuss safer Internet for children in Albania. 

It was organised by CRCA, UNICEF Albania, ALCIRT (Agency for Cyber Security-ALCIRT) and Agency for the Protection of Children's Rights and aimed at getting input on nessesary mechanisms and tools to protect chidren from online exploitation and abuse, and also to demand responsible authorities to create an appropriate legal framework.

The discussion was mostly focused on two main topics: inteventions to ensure safe internet for children as well as the need for legal changes, especially with regard to concepts on what is considered unlawful and what is considered inappropriate website content.

At the end of the meeting the forum came up with several recommendations as cited in the minutes of the meeting:

"Establishment of a national level mechanism for reporting cases of abuse, online child exploitation and all other cyber crimes that affect the interests of other groups. Clear definition of the actors that will make it possible to block access to illegal websites.

Creation of a national informational platform, which will allow children, parents, teachers and other interested groups to learn about the security, risks and ways to protect children from online exploitation and abuse.

Improving the legal framework, which will consist of expanding the mechanisms involved in online child safety, clear definition of the duties for each actor as well as clarifying legal concepts. 

Strengthening the dialogue among state institutions, civil society and private agencies,for  internet safety, with the aim to create an informal network among all actors working and caring for children's rights"

The organisers are following up on the recommendations and have already started several series of meetings with important stakeholders.



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