Safer Internet Promotion

22 Dec 2015

As part of the children’s rights program, MEST is dedicated to serve the protection of children in using internet, especially lately taking into consideration that children are spending more and more time online. Currently, MEST is engaged in drafting policies that will enable a safer environment, raise the awareness among children, teachers and parents on safer internet and staying safe online.

Enabling an online safe internet environment and education in general is not achievable without a cross-sector engagement. MEST has established close cooperation with various instances that offer services in this field (especially civil society) that offer programs in Kosovo for better protection of children’s rights from internet risks. One of the programs with a wide coverage in 7 key municipalities in Kosovo is “Promotion of safe internet usage” is implemented by the Center for Advanced Studies FIT in cooperation with MEST and Municipality Education Directorates.

Lately, FIT has held lectures with parents and teachers for safe internet usage at 14 primary schools and lower secondary schools in seven key centers in Kosovo. During presentations, parents and teachers showed high interest on the program whilst they were informed on the most widespread social networks and latest developments, in order to get updates on their usage by children. Further, they received advice and recommendations for further steps that they need to undertake to ensure children wellbeing whilst using social networks and internet in general.

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