[Serbia] The database of successful examples of extra-curricular activities

22 Jan 2019
Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit

The database of successful examples of extra-curricular activities was based on selected papers that were submitted to the Call of the Institute for the Advancement of Education, which was open from October 2017 to the end of January 2018, by schools and student dormitories from all over Serbia. The Call was not competitive, but the stimulation for the participants was the possibility that their examples will be included in the database available on the Institute website, which further affirms the work of their institutions.

The Call is part of a three-year project Strengthening of the schools educational role which the Institute is implementing on the basis of the Strategy for the Development of Education until 2020 and Action Plan. The aim of the call was to promote the schools and student dormitories who successfully accomplish various extra-curricular activities in order to achieve educational role, as well as to provide a basis for good practice.

The requirements of the Call were such that the schools and dormitories could report various aspects of school and student dormitories life, which are not part of regular teaching or educational work, such as: social, artistic, technical, humanitarian, sports and other activities (including student co-operatives, extended school activities ...); trips, excursions, classes in nature, summer schools, research camps; activities in support of vulnerable groups of students (minority groups, pupils and students who need additional educational support, migrants, children living in institutional homes, children changing schools...); activities within the school classes and others.

364 papers from 179 institutions were submitted to the Call. The largest number of institutions (101 of them) sent one example, 38 of them sent two, 20 institutions sent  three, and 20 institutions sent four or more examples. The commission comprised of the Institute's advisers reviewed all the papers received and chose those who, by their quality and inspiration, should be in the database of successful extra-curricular activities. It contains the works of small and large, urban, suburban and rural, general and professional education institutions, which differ in scope, form, duration, topics and content. Due to this diversity of examples in the database, it has been achieved that this is a motivation for others to launch new extra-curricular activities in schools and student dormitories.

Because the quality of the selected examples was remarkable the Institute organized a public presentation of selected papers from the Call in October 2018, in which about thirty schools and student dormitories had the opportunity to present their extra-curricular activities and their examples in different ways.

You can access the database through this link.

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