[Serbia] The Drop in Shelter has celebrated its 11th birthday!

05 Jun 2018

In the premises of Cafe Bar "16" in Belgrade, on May 31st, a celebration on the occasion of the 11th birthday was held. The celebration took place in a day-long gathering with children, donors and friends of the Drop in Shelter. During the day's program, the children were entertained with music and dance together with the group "Gruub", who were longtime friends and associates of the Center for Youth Integration. After lunch and cake, which were provided by the donors, the second part of the program started with the opening of the Belgrade photographic exhibition from the view of children in a street situation. Photos were created after several workshops organized by professional photographers for the children that are users of this service. At 20 o'clock, a promotional film about the work of this organization was premiered. The day was brought to an end with informal socializing.

Many of the experts in the field of children's rights and social protection, representatives of non-governmental organizations, as well as the representatives of the formal system and numerous celebrities have responded to the invitations to the Drop in Shelter birthday party.

Over the past years, more than 1,000 children and young people spent their time in a safe place thanks to Drop in Shelter. Since 2007, the Shelter has grown and is now a licensed service, recognized by the Law on Social Protection, it exists in two locations in Belgrade, but what has not changed is the attitude towards children and the responsibility towards them and their needs.

The Drop in Shelter Service is intended for children in a street situation, which are most often the children of the Roma population who come from informal settlements and who are exposed to extreme poverty. In the rooms of the Drop in, they can shower, change into a clean close or have a meal. However, the Shelter has its own, educational character and it provides its children with the necessary assistance and support in all aspects of education. Children are helped to be included in the educational system, they are monitored for their regularity of attending classes, they are provided with materials for the school, they receive help in learning and solving their homework, educational workshops are held and all of that with the full consent and cooperation of the child and their families.

The Drop in Shelter is a service launched by the citizens' association of the Center for Youth Integration, which, in addition to the aforementioned, also implements the Education Program with pre-school children from informal settlements, Program that supports migrants children, and since recently, this association is also the founder of the social enterprise Coffee Bar "16" which deals with the needs of young people who have reached the age of 16 and have no more opportunity to use the services of the Drop in. Under this program, young people are provided with professional development and support to facilitate their access to the labor market.

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