[Serbia] International Conference Presentation of ERASMUS + project results "Improving the protection and well-being of children in Europe: Enhancing the curriculum"

22 May 2018

An international conference was held at the Faculty of Political Science on May 18th 2018, as part of the Erasmus + project "Improving the protection and well-being of children in Europe: Enhancing the curriculum". The conference presented the results of the project that brought together eight universities, from Scotland, Romania, Serbia, England, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Moldova, where social work is being studied, in partnership with the Terre des Hommes Foundation.

Many organizations across Europe have identified the need for a common set of basic modules for the information and professional development of social care professionals. This project is designed to develop a set of materials in electronic form for work in the field of social protection and child protection that will then be included in social work programs. One of the main activities of the project was the development of an interactive scenario through which students develop the knowledge and skills that are applied when working with children and families.

In the introductory part, the Vice Dean Dr Marko Simendic, Sandra Peric, Director of the Social Protection Chamber and prof. Dr Nevenka Zegarac, addressed the participants of the event, after which prof. Dr Helen Whincup presented the project.

Guest and associate on the project prof. Dr Helen Whincup, from the University of Stirling, Scotland, presented the development of the project material so far. "The most important is the strategic partnership and cooperation with other institutions," explained Dr Whincup. According to her, the joint work of institutions makes it easier to recognize the problems and needs of children. "Although different problems occur in different countries, they all have something in common, which is why the cooperation of social workers is crucial."

In particular, a training program for learning social work with children and a family developed on a case-by-case basis at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade. As part of that session, an ethics workshop was held, where a developed training program was presented to the participants in an interactive manner. Presentation of the online learning module for the protection of children and families of migrants traveling through Europe was prepared by Judit Németh-Almasi, deputy director of the regional office "Terre des homnes". This resource will be available at the ChildHub (Child Protection Hub for South Eastern Europe) platform in September 2018.

In the final part of the conference Miona Gajic and Dijana Jankovic, graduated social workers, students of master studies of social work and associates in teaching, transferred student experiences after piloting a part of training for child protection in the case from practice.

In addition to the above, 40 participants from the country and abroad attended the conference, which was held in an extremely nice, working and interactive atmosphere, which significantly contributed to the expansion and integration of the network of experts. It should be emphasized that the representatives of the state recognized the importance of learning through new technologies and that further and deeper cooperation with the Chamber of Social Protection of the Republic of Serbia is planned.

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