[Serbia] International training for educators in prevention and response to the challenges of human trafficking was held

13 Aug 2018
Red Cross of Serbia

International Training for Educators in Prevention and Response to Human Trafficking Challenges was realized in Belgrade from July 27th to July 31st, organized by the Red Cross of Serbia, with the support of the Unitas Foundation.

A total of 25 participants from the National Red Cross Societies of Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, representative of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, a representative of the European Network of Youth Committee, as well as representatives from NGO “Novi put” from Bosnia and Herzegovina and A21 from Greece has had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of trafficking in human beings and to develop key skills for conducting workshops among peers. In addition to the modules for working with children and youth contained in the standardized material of the Red Cross of Serbia "Trafficking in human beings - preventive package", participants of the International Training were introduced with the possibilities of conducting educational workshops based on the film "Observers". Danijela Barjaktarovic, one of the authors of the Training Program, which was created in cooperation with UNITAS Foundation, provided the participants with the knowledge and skills for using this material in an interactive workshop.

The special interest of the participants caused a presentation on the implementation of the activities carried out by the Red Cross of Serbia with the support of the Unitas Foundation, such as the appearance at the EXIT festival, workshops in cooperation with Wikimedia and work with children in primary and secondary schools.

Official statistics and general work with victims of trafficking in human beings, reported by Aleksandra Ljubojevic, Director of the Center for the Protection of Trafficking Victims, were listened with attention.

Prior to the completion of the training, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Memorial of the Red Cross of Serbia and meet with the history of the National Society.

Participants will start or continue informing children and young people in their own communities, about their precautions and prevention of the risk of trafficking in human beings in accordance with the developed and recognized methodology of the Red Cross of Serbia.

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