[Serbia] Local training within the ChildHub project was held

21 Dec 2018

Center for Youth Integration, as the local partner of Terres des Hommes in Serbia, within the regional project "Child Protection Hub for South East Europe” in cooperation with the Republic Institute for Social Protection and the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia held local training "The role of the Center for Social Work in the protection of children". The training was organized for professional workers - social workers, pedagogues and psychologists employed in preschool institutions in Belgrade, as well as for professional workers engaged in the realization of program and project activities of the Center for Youth Integration.

The main goal of education was to contribute to the improvement of the practice of professional workers working with pre-school children by giving them an insight into the mandate of the Center for Social Work, the legal framework that determines its functioning, and especially its inter-sectoral cooperation. One part of the training was dedicated to presenting a draft of the Strategy for the Prevention and Protection of Children against Violence, as well as a survey on determinants of violence against children to the participants.

As preschool institutions and professional workers working with children of this age are an important link in the child protection system, this is the fourth local training on a topic that has been singled out as relevant to professionals dedicated to the secure and safe growth and development of children.

Training was held by experienced regional trainers Slavica Milojevic from the Republic Institute for Social Protection and Sasa Stefanovic, director of the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia.

The training took place on December 13th, 2018 at the new location of caffe bar "16", which was founded, by the Center for Youth Integration, as a social enterprise. Training participants (17 professionals) thus had another, quite authentic opportunity to get to know more about the goals and results of working with children in a street situation, which are in the main focus of the Center for Youth Integration activities.

Evaluation of training and feedback received from the participants indicates a high degree of satisfaction of the participants with the content and realization of the training.

A special benefit from this training is the template for future trainings and workshops. Participants of the training agreed on some of the topics that are important for their work with children of preschool age: the school of parenting; protection of children against domestic violence; strengthening parental competences and counseling with parents, with a special focus on preventing neglect and abuse of children and topics related to the development of advocacy and communication skills of professional workers in preschool institutions, in particular communication with the community and cooperation with the media.

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