[Serbia] Research among students has shown that children do not see themselves in the media

02 Dec 2019
The Network of Children's Organizations of Serbia (MODS)

On the occasion of the celebration of November 20, International Children's Day, Friends of Children of Serbia published data from the mini-survey Children and Traditional and New Media, conducted in Children's Week during the Student Parliaments Session 2019.

The survey was conducted on October 8th and involved 56 students from all over Serbia. The research participants answered questions regarding the use of, and views on, traditional and new media, and provided recommendations for improving the position of children in both traditional and new media.
Children, in the absolute majority (89.3%), use television, and most of them, daily (42%). Most of the students stated that they use radio (52.7%). They usually listen to it 1-5 times a week (43.3%). Also, students use print media the least (42.9%), and of those who read newspapers, the largest percentage do so several times a month (62.5%).

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