[Serbia] Social inclusion through applied drama – For quality support of vulnerable groups

11 Sep 2018

In Vrsac, Serbia the training course for youth workers " Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama" has just ended, where 26 youth workers from 6 countries learned from experts from Spain, England, Hungary and Serbia how to use applied drama as a tool for triggering changes in their groups, but also in the wider society. The organizer of the training is CEPORA - Center for Positive Youth Development from Serbia.

How to use drama exercises not for acting, but for development, how to make interactive performances, how to work with non-actors through theater, and how to encourage vulnerable groups to change the world themselves step by step – were the topics of the training, which was realized within the framework of an Erasmus + programme, and financially supported by the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The project “Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama” aims at improving capacities of organizations for implementing applied drama techniques for social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities. The consortium consists of organizations with different experiences in the field, and is focused at exchanging good practice, horizontal non-formal learning and enriching of partners programmes with new methodologies. It consists of organizing a seminar, a training course for youth workers and a follow-up meeting. During the project organisations will create new partnerships, exchange different effective approaches for using applied drama, enrich their programmes and raise their staff competences.

As a result a new comprehensive training module has been produced, and publications with direct inputs for replication are being prepared. The project will have impact on organizations involved, their staff, participants in their programmes, but also on other organizations, communities their users live in, communities the organizations work in, practice in the field of social inclusion on the local, national and international level.

You can read more about the project on http://cepora.org/social-inclusion-through-applied-drama/

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