[Serbia] Towards better reality for street involved children - discussing the implementation of UN General Comment

04 Dec 2017
Center for Youth Integration

On Monday, December 4th, in Belgrade, the Center for Youth Integration has organized an international conference "Improving the quality of services for street involved children in Serbia, in accordance with the UN General Comment."

On this occasion, professionals from the area of social welfare and child protection had a chance to discuss the recommendations of the United Nations General Comment and the possibilities for its implementation in the Republic of Serbia. Otherwise, this document for the first time ever, at such a high level and officially, recognizes the rights of street involved children.

"Through the service of Drop in Shelter, in two locations in Belgrade, as well as through other services, we are actively fighting for the reality of these children to improve it, and for the past 10 years we have been basing our work on the principles described in the UN General Comment presented today. We hope that with the support of the city of Belgrade we will be able to continue contributing to protection of these children, because we can be a serious ally of the Government in the implementation of recommendations and optimization of the system," stressed out Marko Tošić, Executive Director of Center for Youth Integration.

Opening speeches were made by: Slavica Đukić Dejanović, Minister without portfolio in the Government of Serbia and the Head of National Council for Children’s Rights, Jasna Plavšić, Head of Antidiscriminatory Group from the Office of Human and Minority Rights, H.E. Axel Dittmann, Ambassador of The Federal Republic of Germany and Marko Tošić, Executive Director of Center for Youth Integration.

Also, following panelists were discussing the position and situation of street involved children in Serbia and the UN General Comment:

Božidar Dakić, The Republic Institute for Social Protection, Žarko Šunderić, Center for Social Policy, Nevenka Žegarac, Fakulty of Political Sciences, Dragana Jovanović Arias, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit, Daliborka Batrnek Antonić, Drop in Shelter, Novi Sad, Mina Lukić, Drop in Shelter, Belgrade. The Conference was moderated by Vladan Jovanović.

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