[Serbia] U-Report Platform Launched by UNICEF Serbia

28 May 2019
The Network of Children's Organizations of Serbia (MODS)

UNICEF Serbia launched the U-Report, a platform that promotes youth participation by giving young people the opportunity to reach decision-makers at the highest levels.

Within this project, Friends of Children of Serbia, with the financial support of UNICEF, organized a series of workshops and training to promote the platform, to enable young people to actively participate in projects that benefit the community and to encourage youth involvement in addressing social challenges.

The campaign involved young people from eight Serbian cities, giving them training in peer presentation, social innovation, action planning, leadership, and marketing.

In total, 7,600 young people from more than 20 Serbian municipalities were directly involved through the peer education methodology.

U-Report is a social platform that represents the voice of young people. The goal is to promote, encourage and facilitate the engagement of young people in order to collect feedback, opinions, and attitudes on important issues.

The U-Report is currently integrated in more than 40 countries, each country having its own custom U-Report platform. The platform facilitates the flow of information and enables analysis, providing many quantitative and reliable metrics for assessment, and the ability to collect data in real time. Anonymity and data protection are guaranteed.

Anyone from 13 to 24 years old can become the U-Reporter! Click here to check out the platform and scroll down to find all countries U-Report is currently available. 

Why join?

  • To tell what is going on in your community,
  • To get access to survey results and information from the U-Report and follow how the awareness of certain issues is changing in your country 
  • To learn about and join ongoing campaigns in the rest of the country
  • To get in touch with other U-Reporters!



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