[Serbia] Unaccompanied children are ‘the most vulnerable’

05 Dec 2018

Reliefweb published an interview with Vesna Mraković-Jokanović, National Director of SOS Children's Villages Serbia. SOS Children's Villages Serbia launched its emergency response in 2015 and has helped 125,000 children, young people and their parents so far, operating at four refugee reception centers. “Trafficking and smuggling are the biggest risks for unaccompanied children and of course for adults. We provide information and have awareness programmes to inform children and families about these risks,”  said Mraković-Jokanović for Reliefweb. In the interview she talks about the main contributions of SOS Children's Villages Serbia, what makes them stand out among other organizations, the most important needs of the refugees and asylum seekers that are not being met, the preparedness of Serbian government to  take over child- and family-focused services for refugees as planned, and the living conditions of refugees, including unaccompanied children in the light of the approaching winter.

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