Sexual Abuse in the Circle of Trust Research in Albania

  • Training in Sexual Abuse in the Circle of Trust
24 Aug 2015
Tdh in Albania

Terre des hommes in Albania is conducting a research on child sexual abuse in the circle of trust (CSACT). It is related to the Lanzarote Convention and respective monitoring questions related to CSACT which is the theme for 2015.

This is the first research of its kind in Albania which will aim at identifying the characteristics of child sexual abuse in country, especially within the child's circle of trust, the social norms behind the abuse and what other contributes to it, as well as it will look at the response of the child protection system.

This reserach is done in collaboration with the Albanian State Agency for the Protection of Child Rights. According to the head of the Agency, Ms. Ina Verzivolli, "The Agency works for the protection of children from any forms of abuse and violence. Currently it is working to build a specialized model of services for the protection from sexual abuse and exploitation. We know that worldwide, almost 80% of sexual abuse cases of children happen in the circle of trust. In Albania, we don't know much about this. Thus the study on the sexual abuse of children in the circle of trust will be of great value in order to understand the situation in Albania, in order to inform policies and programmes for protecting children in the best possible way".

A group of international and local experts has just started to get involved in the process. On August 21 - 22, a workshop led by the international expert Mr. Georg Nikolaidis (Psychiatrist, MD, MA, MSc, PhD) that took place in Tirana, aimed at training the research team and all parties involved in the key concepts, methodology and tools of the process.

There will be four main regions selected from the methodology and a combinaton of several methods such as literature review, case studies, questionaires, focus group discussions, will aim at the collection of solid data that will bring light to the sexual abuse in the circle of trust phenomenon in Albania.

The research is expected to come with a final report by the end of November of this year.



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