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Simulated court trial was held in Zagreb for high school children

20 Mar 2017

State Review of simulated court trials was held in the room of Municipal criminal court in Zagreb. Eighteen schools from all over Croatia participated in the Review, and all the simulated court trials were presented in front of the eyes of eminent croatian judges.

State Review of simulated court trials - Module Law in the classroom, was held by the organization of the Education and Teacher Training Agency, while the president of the commitee was Đuro Sessa, a judge of the Supreme court of the Republic of Croatia. Simulated court trials are a part of learning and attaining competencies from the field of the subject theme 'Civil education and teacher training'. Students learn about the roles of state attornies, accused, injured person, witnesses, lawyers and expert witnesses, order of providing evidence, trials but also counterinterrogation on the problem given in advance.

A Project worth more than 25 thousand kunas

One-day Review which hosted 209 participants in Zagreb, high school students from all over Croatia, twenty mentors, eleven judges and members of Commitee, was worth more than 25 thousand kunas, and except the participants, Review could be observed by the students of high schools who are preparing for school simulated trials. In this one-day Review there were 2 divided groups, or let's say 'teams' which were presenting the advocates and the ones presenting attornies. Every simulated trial was given a presidential judge.

Excuse me, but I need a moment to get myself together... you amazed me.“, was a reaction of one of the judges on the preparation of students.

Simulated court trial of possible future lawyers was held in two rounds.


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