[South Eastern Europe] School children caught in the crossfire of eastern Ukraine’s four-year conflict

07 May 2018

In it's report UNICEF says that more than 200.000 children can not study at schools because of destroyed and damaged buildings in eastern Ukraine. Children are forced to learn in militarized environments, amid volatile fighting and dangers due to unexploded weapons of war.

“Children are learning in schools with bullet holes in the walls and sandbags in windows, bomb shelters in the basements and shrapnel in school yards,” said UNICEF Ukraine Representative Giovanna Barberis. “The education system in eastern Ukraine has been in the crossfire for more than four years. All sides of the conflict must respect international humanitarian law and ensure that schools are safe places for children to learn.”

Due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and shelling children can hear every day, they become more nervous and experience tremendous stress, This year, UNICEF has appealed for USD $23.6 million to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to children and families affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine. To date, less than 15 per cent of this appeal has been met.

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