[South Eastern Europe] Violence against Children: Taking stock and accelerating action (Upcoming Event)

30 Apr 2019


Every year, over 1 billion children experience violence. Ending violence against children (VAC) requires a whole of society approach. Violence robs children of their childhood and compromises every other investment in them. It undermines their health and education and prevents them from developing to their full potential – often with negative lifelong consequences and intergenerational impact.

Recognizing its devastating impact, in 2015 world leaders committed to ending all forms of violence against children by 2030, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, making ending violence a public priority and a collective responsibility. In July 2016, the UN Secretary-General launched the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, and an associated Fund. The Partnership includes governments, UN agencies, international organizations, civil society, faith groups, the private sector, philanthropic foundations, research practitioners, academics and children themselves – uniting their voices, actions, and resources in a unique public-private collaboration focused solely on ending violence against all children.

As part of the effort to end violence against children ten world leading child protection organizations developed Seven INSPIRE strategies for ending violence against children. INSPIRE strategies are a compilation of effective, evidence-based interventions to support countries in ending violence against children. Measures recommended have proven to be effective in different countries around the world and can easily be tailored to the local context and local needs. The INSPIRE Handbook describes seven strategies and good practices from countries all over the world that have proven to be effective in reducing violence against children.

Working Together

A big regional conference "Violence against Children: Taking stock and accelerating action" which will take place on June 27-28, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria aims to boost the public discussion on how to work together to end violence against children in Bulgaria and the SEE region. Organized within the framework of the Global partnership to end violence against children, the Conference will gather high-level policymakers from Bulgaria and the region to assess and map national situations regarding violence against children in terms of data, available policy and legal framework and promising practices.  

The conference will focus on building shared understanding and joint action of government, civil society, private sector, parents, school, media, the police and judiciary and will create a momentum for mobilizing solidarity, professional effort, political commitment, and financial resources to ensure a life free of violence for every child. The overall objective is to exchange information, good practices and lessons learned to strengthen the national and regional prevention and response efforts and address common challenges.  

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