Strengthening further the Child protection System in Kosovo continues

31 Mar 2017

On 29 March Terre des hommes Kosovo (Tdh) organized the launching of the Project “Child Protection Safety Net - Phase III”. This project is funded by the Medicor Foundation and will be implemented during 2017-2019, covering all the municipalities of Kosovo.

The overall goal of this project is that children in Kosovo are safer and better protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation due to a functional child protection system in place. Through this project Terre des hommes will continue to assist central and local authorities in building an effective child protection system.

The focus of this project is: to help the implementation of the Law on Child Protection, to develop secondary legislation, to provide the necessary technical expertise, to develop new specialized services and to develop and consolidate the mechanisms for monitoring and accountability as part of the child protection system.

To launch this project the following panelists were present: M. Safet Kamberi - Deputy Minister of Ministry of Work and Social Welfare; Mrs. Mexhide Mjaku-Topalli - MP and Representative of the Committee for Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions of the Parliament of Kosovo; M.Hilmi Jashari, Ombudsperson; M. Habit Hajredini - Director of the Office of Good Governance, Prime Minister Office; M. Abdullah Klinaku - Director of the Directorate of Health and Social Welfare of the Municipality of Vushtrri; Mrs. Donjeta Kelmendi - Executive Director of the Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection (KOMF) and Mrs. Alketa Lasku, Deputy Country Representative of Terre des hommes delegation in Kosovo.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Work and Social Welfare, M. Safet Kamberi in his speech highlighted the importance of the future Law for Child Protection. He also stressed the need for further inter-sectorial collaboration between the Ministries. On her side, Ms. Mexhide Mjaku-Toppali, MP and Representative of the Committee for Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions of the Parliament of Kosovo stressed also the high importance to protect children from violence and other negative phenomenon. She also mentioned the “Positive education” as a method that can be used to help to avoid these negative phenomenon and maximize the well-being of the children.

The Ombudsperson of Kosovo, M. Hilmi Jashari, emphasized the importance to have better statistics of the different phenomenon in order to have a better understanding of the problems and be able to put in place adequate responses and solutions. He also informed that there will be an increase in the number of the jurists working directly with child protection and hopes that this would be reflected also in the annual report of the Ombudsperson and the recommendations directed to the Parliament in the sense that issues related to child protection would be more covered.

After the opening speeches, a presentation of the project including the goal, results and activities were given by the Program Officer on Child Protection at Terre des hommes in Kosovo, Lirie Lokaj.

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