Study of children participation in Croatia has been presented

15 May 2017
UNICEF Croatia

UNICEF has presented a study called: “Respect, include and acknowledge: Analysis of children participation status in Croatia” and invited everybody working with children and for children to include them in the decisions which concern them in greater measure. Namely, the study shows that in Croatia, participation of children in decision-making process is legally regulated very well, but insufficiently represented in practice. In addition, it isn’t sufficiently included in lectures on universities whose task is to prepare experts to work with children. Although the children are formally getting more included in the processes of public policies relevant for children, it is necessary to induct the tracking mechanisms of degree and type of children inclusion in the mentioned processes.

With the first comprehensive analysis of child participation on Republic of Croatia on the wide sample of 23 different laws, 40 scientific studies, 47 study programmes and 8 examples of children participation, the study shows a wide overview of the ways in which it is attempted to acknowledge the opinion of every child in the domain of education, health care system, judiciary system and social service system.

Children and youth from  Network of ombudspersons young advisors and Society “Our Children” from Opatija have personally presented good examples of children participation.

The study represents childen participation from the perspective of all, especially vulnerable groups of children, through the examples of practice of the association “Playgame”, association “Firefly” and association “Little home”. Recommendations generated from this analysis will help as a starting point for awareness- raising about the importance of child participation, making of platforms for knowledge and good practice exchange and development of model for inclusion of children in making of our presence an future.

Here you can download the analysis of children participation status in Croatia.

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