‘Train tracks or traffickers’: how government policy is forcing child refugees to risk their lives rejoining families in the UK

24 Mar 2016
The Independent

The Independent reports on unaccompanied minors trying to reach their families in Europe. Sami had been in 'the Jungle' for two months when he broke his leg. It was raining that night, as it does 120 days a year in Calais. He climbed on top of a lorry heading to the UK, slipped, and cracked his fibula.  He was trying to find his older brother, Adnan, who made the hazardous border crossing a few weeks before. After his injury, the pair lost contact because Sami’s phone was stolen in the refugee camp. But his brother, for all Adnan knows, might be the only person in his family still alive – their parents and sister haven’t been seen since their home was bombed in Syria. Sami has been living in the Jungle for six months, waiting for news from the British Government. He is 15.

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