Turkish Romani community marks International Roma Day

08 Apr 2015
Daily Sabha Turkey

Daily Sabha Turkey reports that during the International Roma Day the Turkish Roma community marked several events complaints of discrimination.Romani citizens of Turkey have complained of veiled discrimination, as is the case in other countries, for decades and the lack of any social policies to help improve their status further cast them away from society. The low level of education and alleged blacklisting in terms of employment are among the major problems they face. 

No tangible tensions exist between society and the Romani minority and to end prejudice towards Romanis and help improve their lives, the government announced an action plan a few years ago, which is expected to be implemented gradually.

Under the plan, the government will provide vocational training for 5,000 Romanis initially to help their chances of employment.The government will also provide education opportunities for Romani children attending grade and high schools to boost their achievements through special training courses.Romani women attending vocational training courses will be offered free daycare for their children under the action plan. Security forces will also conduct an awareness campaign against the tarnished public image of Romanis who are often associated with crime.

Unfourtunally, Romani people continue to remain a marginalized group in various countries throughout the world. They have faced and continue to face discrimination, persecution and alienation for their unique lifestyle and cultural practices.

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