UK better off with immigration, official report shows

13 Oct 2007
The daily Express

The Guardian’ announces two reports on immigration are published on the same day. According to the joint Treasury, Home Office and Department for Work and Pensions study, “migrants are more highly skilled and often more reliable and hardworking than British workers and are fuelling the country’s economic growth to the tune of ??Â?6bn a year”. But the ‘Daily Express’ chooses to describe the findings of a second report, “the migration report Labor wanted to hide”, and explains that “the hundreds of thousands who have flooded into the UK have affected housing, health, cohesion, education and crime”. Related press coverage: The Independant (17 Oct): ““Home Office: migrants work harder, earn more and pay more tax than Britons”:” (17 Oct): ““Migration concerns revealed”:$1151428.htm” (18 Oct): ““UK immigration system to change ‘out of all recognition’”:” Yorkshire Post (18 Oct): ““Migrant workers: Welcome guests or unwanted arrivals?”:”

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