UK MPs demand urgent help for unaccompanied children at Calais camp

21 Mar 2016
The Guardian

The Guardian reports that the MPs said they were concerned about the absence of a clear process by which children could be registered and looked after by the French authorities.

Volunteers working in Calais told the MPs that many of the children had been badly treated by the French police, with some suffering from eye blistering after being hit with teargas, as they tried to approach the Eurostar tracks. Others have had their shoes removed by the police to discourage them from trying to walk to the railway. Others had been hit with water cannon, when much of the camp was destroyed last month.

“There is nothing in place for these unaccompanied children. They have been abandoned with no child protection in place. There are very disturbing stories about children, many of whom may have been trafficked and drugged to get them to Calais in the first place, disappearing mainly into the arms of gangs, prostitution, drugs trade - effectively modern slavery,” Cooper, chair of Labour’s refugee taskforce said.

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