UK sending Syrians back to countries where they were beaten and abused

13 Mar 2017
The Guardian

'The Guardian' reports that the United Kingdom is using EU rules to send asylum seekers from Syria and other countries back to eastern European states where they were beaten, incarcerated and abused.

The Guardian has spoken to refugees who describe being held in “cages” in Hungary, waterboarded and handcuffed to beds by detention centre guards in Romania, and beaten in Bulgaria.  They now face being returned to those countries as, under the Dublin Regulation, asylum seekers are supposed to lodge applications for protection in their first EU country of entry.

Whilst the United Kingdom Home Office claims it should be entitled to assume that any EU country will treat asylum seekers properly, the law firm Duncan Lewis recently won a key case preventing forced removals back to Hungary because of the risk that people might be forced from there back to their country of origin.  The firm is also challenging removals to Bulgaria because of what the UN refugee agency has described as “substandard” conditions there. A test case on whether Bulgaria is a safe country to send people back to is due to be heard by the court of appeal in November.

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