[Ukraine] Cash grants: help where it’s most needed

24 Jul 2018
Dorcas Aid International in Ukraine

70% of the population of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions live below the poverty line. The protracted conflict has caused prices to rise and income to go down due to lower salaries, increased unemployment and suspended pensions and social benefits.

As it is the 5th year of the conflict, some people try to leave the conflict affected areas in search of a new peaceful existence. Dorcas continuously tries to find these new areas where people move to and are in need of assistance.

Dorcas Ukraine is leading a Ukraine Joint response IV and continue an implementation a projects with its consortium partners. Grants are payed in 2 rounds for each person in the family. The amount of money for grants per person is in accordance with the recommendations of UN OCHA Cash Working Group.

In the beginning of summer, Dorcas Ukraine visited each potential beneficiary at home, and the beneficiary data was cross-checked with other cash providing actors to prevent duplication of services.

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