Unaccompanied Children 'Feel Like Criminals Behind Barbed Wire'

14 Jul 2016
Save the Children

Save the Children shares the stories of unaccompanied minors in Greece who have fled war zones in the hope of a better life yet who find themselves detained. As vulnerable children, many of those detained do not know their legal status nor their legal rights, leading to inadequate protection and respect for child rights. It is reported that "more than a hundred unaccompanied and separated children are being held in detention centres or in police custody as Greece faces a chronic shortage of shelter spaces." Although Greek authorities may be doing their best, Save the Children argues that there has been a failure to respond properly at an international level. For detained children there is a dearth of information available to them and the detention of children is a clear breach of their rights. However, with extremely limited access to education or other support (including legal aid) for many of these children the situation is not set to change in the immediate future. This calls for a redoubling of efforts on the parts of international leaders. 

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