[United Kingdom] 104 possibly exploited migrant youths missing between France and UK - watchdog

24 Jul 2017

Rudaw reports on the findings that express concern over the whereabouts of 104 missing refugee and migrant youth who were attempting to seek refuge in the United Kingdom from the Calais refugee camp. 

The whereabouts of over a hundred of these young individuals have remained unknown by British officials since August 2016.

Exacerbating this issue, is the termination of the Dubs agreement, as procedures for familial reunification have been problematized through its postponement.

Furthermore, the British government had granted entry to only 350 unaccompanied refugee and migrant youth. Following this poor performance, was the government's announcement of its termination of the Dublin regulation, which in turn dismantles familial opportunities to reunify within a timely fashion.

Moreover, 2016 signified the demolition and the closure of the Calais refugee camp in Northern France, which prompted the termination of the operations and assistance offered to these unaccompanied refugee and migrant youth. 

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