[United Kingdom] Action needed on refugee children in Greece

02 Oct 2019
The Guardian

Safe Passage urges the UK government to urgently evacuate unaccompanied children in danger on Greek islands and safely reunited with their families in the UK. A no-deal Brexit may block the route to a family reunion.

Safe Passage (UK based charity organization) exists to help unaccompanied children and vulnerable adults who are seeking asylum to find safe legal routes from Europe into the UK. They try to support the reunion of children with their family in the UK. They highlight that their supported children have family in the UK and so the right to family reunion under EU law. These kids should not be stacked in unsecure camps (reports of death and injury in a fire at Moria) and waiting long times to be transferred to safety.  Brexit could block the safe and legal routes and blocks these re-connections.

To find out more check their website: http://safepassage.org.uk/

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