[United Kingdom] Child exploitation drama sends powerful message to pupils

08 Oct 2019
About Manchester

Drama workshops were organized in the UK to raise awareness of criminal child exploitation, as part of the wider Greater Manchester Exploitation Week of Action. The aim was to reinforce the fact that no matter what a person under the age of 18  may lookslike, they are still a child and vulnerable.

Two campaigns will reinforce this initiative, the "It’s Not Okay"  on child sexual exploitation and "Trapped"  about criminal exploitation. Police, local authorities, criminal justice agencies and the third sector contribute to raise awareness of criminal exploitation and the steps against it.

The workshops will be facilitated by a professional theatre company to secondary age pupils. They will discover what child criminal exploitation is, what they could do to prevent it and how they could help someone else in danger. Training sessions were held to childcare professionals as well to help them to recognize the signs of exploitation.

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