[United Kingdom] Children to be asked views on Brexit by Welsh Government

19 Mar 2018

The Welsh Children's minister Huw Irranca-Davies announced that children of the country will be consulted about the Brexit process. He stated that "As a government, we accept [the] decision [of the majority of the adult population of the UK who voted in the EU referendum in 2016], and are doing all we can to ensure Wales and the rest of the UK gets the very best deal from it. However, our children are our future, so it's absolutely vital we ensure their views and concerns are listened to". He also said that "the Welsh Government had "led the way in ensuring children's rights are respected and upheld", under the principles of the UNCRC. Children from 7 to 11 will be consulted in schools with their teachers, and children who are 11 or older will be interviewed via the Young Wales network of local organisations. Following the period of consultations, a report will be completed next fall by the umbrella body Children in Wales.

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