[United Kingdom] England's education system leaves children from poorer homes behind

04 Dec 2018

The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), the official education watchdog in UK, has published their annual report on the situation in the UK in relation to education. The chief inspector of the Ofsted was overall positive in her conclusions, but confirmed wealth remains one of the most important indicators of the educational performance. In their report Ofsted is urging policy makers and relevant stakeholders to work jointly on improving the situation. Despite in certain areas in UK the education system has improved significantly and offers outstanding opportunities to children attending schools in those areas, there are places where children are provided with limited opportunities, low aspirations and burdened with constantly growing societal issues.

"Some schools that haven't improved for more than a decade remain, and our colleges look less financially secure than in the past," the Chief officer of Ofsted said for Xinhua.


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