[United Kingdom] English Channel migrants: What happens to migrant children?

06 Jan 2019

The number of people trying to cross the English Channel to enter UK is increasing, amounting to a total of 239 since November. Before migrants tend to use vans, crossing the channel in ferries. This has changed, and now small and unsafe boats are frequently used to pass through one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Police described this as “trying to cross a busy motorway on foot” and the Home Office said for BBC "it is only a matter of time before people lose their lives". Children as young as 9 were seen on these boats, often unaccompanied. According to the Refugee Council working with refugees, 21 children arrived in Kent in just one week in mid-November. As the BBC reports, local authorities where unaccompanied children arrive take care of them, and help them to get in touch with family members who may already be in the UK.

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