[United Kingdom] Guidance on Removing Newborns Aims to Tackle Inconsistent Practices and Gaps in Legal Knowledge

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11 Dec 2019
Community Care

The academics of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory are working on a new guidance for professionals on removing newborns from their birth families. Reviews of the research and reports shows that the current practise has many deficiencies:

  • the lack of time given to parents before the birth
  • missing evidence on pre-birth assessment and infant removal
  • what evidence that does exist focuses on the mother, not the father
  • the professionals involved are health workers, not social workers
  • no attention is paid to the relationship between birth families and professionals
  • disregarding the psychological state of birth families and babies after removal
  • great variety of knowledge among professionals on guidance of pre-birth assessments and interventions

The new guidance could become the first national good practice for professionals involved in removing newborns. It will be developed by parents, social workers and health professionals over 18 months to create a new, evidence-based good practice which may potentially positively impact these care cases, the birth parents and the work of professionals.

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