[United Kingdom] New Zealand & UK among worst countries for children’s rights – study

15 May 2017
Russia Today

Russia Today reports on the KidsRights Index, which is published each year by the KidsRights Foundation and tracks the children’s rights records of countries around the globe. The article extracts evidence from this annual global index, which displays the substantial decrease in the rankings of New Zealand and the United Kingdom since last year.

Furthermore, the KidsRights Index analyzes five imperative factors of a child's life, which are "right to life, right to health, right to education, right to protection, and nurturing an enabling environment for children's rights". New Zealand dropped from being the 45th best country in the world for children's rights to a low 158th ranking, while the UK had fell from a high 11th position among this rank, to 156th place. Both of these countries ranked extremely low in the provision of an atmosphere that constitutes child rights. 

To read the full report, please click here.

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Corina POPA
Corina POPA's picture
Russia Today???

Sorry, what is next? KGB Monitor said...?? When such articles are quoted, could we, please, endorse the information provided with arguments - what studeis, which sites, are they credible, how many reputed authorsb are quoting them, etc. There is a lot of fake news circulating online, there is a lot of calomnious information available on various websites, this does not mean that we have to present it such as, without no critical thinking and professional thinking. Funny enoughm there is no comaparative score for what is the protection envirounment for children in Russia, and what is their score. I cannot believe that children in Russia are better protected than children in UK, especially those in rural remote areas.

Evgenia Generalova
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Dear Corina,

Dear Corina,
Thanks for your comment. We have revisited this piece of news and edited the text. It is not the Russia Today who has made the research and the index, but the KidsRights Foundation. Russia Today has only written a piece of news about it. We have this Index published here, in case you want to have a look at it.

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