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[United Kingdom] New Zealand & UK among worst countries for children’s rights – study

15 May 2017
Russia Today

Russia Today has most recently written a piece that identifies New Zealand and the United Kingdom as two countries among some of the worst nations in the world in regards to children's rights. The article extracts evidence from an annual global index, which displays the substantial decrease in the rankings of these two countries since last year. Furthermore, the KidsRights Index, which is produced annually by the KidsRights Foundations, analyzes five imperative factors of a child's life, which are "right to life, right to health, right to education, right to protection, and nurturing an enabling environment for children's rights". In regards to the former country, New Zealand dropped from being the 45th best country in the world for children's rights to a low 158th ranking, while the latter country had fell from a high 11th position among this rank, to 156th place. Both of these countries ranked extremely low in the provision of an atmosphere that constitutes child rights. 

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