[United Kingdom] Pizza the action raises dough

28 Oct 2019
The Gazette

Aspired Futures is a charitable organisation which offers different sport, cultural, educational and leisure activities to vulnerable children in the UK. They are working with children and families over 20 years and by all means they are there to follow the change in children’s and young people’s needs. They say: “Every child and young person deserves equality in opportunity and care.”

Recently, they’ve run a fundraiser event with an outstanding baker, Phil Wignall. With the help of the Aspired Futures staff, volunteers and Phil, children could learn how to make the Inspired Pizza and organised a successful night. They took part - not just in the pizza making - but in every step of the event organization.

Their amazing occasion at Phil’s Bakery (Whalley Place, Lytham St Annes) attracted several people to their door, who ate a great pizza and donated more than £300.

This project is funded by: