[United Kingdom] School Trial Body-worn Cameras to Tackle Bad Behaviour

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11 Feb 2020
Children and Young People Now

Two schools in the United Kingdom have begun using body cameras in efforts to improve children’s behaviour and to address violence. One of the schools, in Hampshire, started using cameras to deal with unknown children entering the school territory and disrupting school activities with verbal and physical violence. They also experienced violence from an unknown male who attacked one of the students and two of the teachers. This school is using six cameras, distributed between gate-staff, site-team, on-call staff and the deputy head teacher as a designated safeguarding lead. The use of cameras is also highlighted by high visibility jackets with the words 'body worn cameras' written on them. The videos are used to provide visual proof to the police, who can thereby act more efficiently in these cases.

A code of practice was published by the Information Commissioner's Office to ensure that these schools follow legal obligations when using the cameras. 

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