Violence against lone child refugees is escalating – because we ignore it

04 Aug 2016
The Guardian/ Kirsty Brimelow

This report by The Guardian focuses on the many forms of violence experienced by refugees living in the French camps at Calais and Dunkirk. Violence has become a reality for the vast majority of people there and it is perpetrated by the police, citizens and smugglers alike. Violent attacks are so frequently met with impunity and refugees are fearful of reporting the abuse in case it sets back their application for asylum. 

The Guardian explains that: "According to a Refugee Rights Data Project report in March, 76% of camp residents (and 82% of women) have experienced violence from the police, while 70% have been exposed to teargas. Of the 700 children in the Calais camp, a staggering 78% are on their own."

As this report suggests, whilst governments remain busy with the task of 'analyzing' the situation and writing extensive reports, the task of acting so as to ameliorate the situation of thousands of vulnerable people, including children, is being woefully neglected. 



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