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We are announcing the winner of the Call for Small Innovative Projects (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Blue Phone Bosnia-Herzegovina
06 Apr 2017

After long deliberation and an arduous assessment process of the received 35 proposals, ChildHub is ready to announce the winner of the Call for small Innovative projects. It is Nova generacija from Bosnia-Herzegovina who will receive 1000 Euros from Terre des hommes to implement their project "Let's ginga together" together with the Association “Romsko srce” of Banja Luka. ChildHub has received 4 projects from Albania, 17 from Bosnia-Herzegovina, 3 from Bulgaria, 1 from Kosovo, 1 from Moldova, 3 from Romania and 6 projects from Serbia.

The two-month-long series of workshops will be realised by the "Blue phone" with volunteers of “Nova generacija" and members of the Sports association “Capoeira Banja Luka”. During the creative and full of motion workshops Roma children and youth from settlements "Veseli brijeg" will learn about bullying, family violence and discrimination about development problems, reproductive and sexual health and how to protect themselves. The workshop will teach children the basics of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art developed by slaves and former slaves bought from Africa. It combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is usually referred to as a game. Capoeira is known for its peaceful spirit but if it’s necessary it can be used in self-defendce. Project organisers hope that by practicing Capoeira the children can improve they self-esteem, craftiness and work with every muscle in their body. It is done to live instrumental music which is also good for relaxing and learning new things.

The project will be documented all through its implementation to promote the approach and offer it for replication to other organisations across the region. More news to come once the implementation of the project starts.

ChildHub would like to thank all the other applicants for their interest and participation.

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