A working conference of Know-How Center for Alternative Care for Children, NBU

05 Oct 2015
Ноу-Хау Център за алтернативни грижи за деца

The Know-How Center for Alternative Care for Children, NBU, held a working conference on 28-30 September 2015 in the city of Pravets, dedicated to the development of a monitoring system to evaluate the impact of the de-institutionalization on children and their families and based on child-centered approach. The conference brought together experts from government institutions, NGOs, service providers and the New Bulgarian University. Within the three conference days, they worked in groups and developed quantitative and qualitative indicators for monitoring and evaluating the impact in three key areas of the deinstitutionalization: case management, service management and policy, and in 3 sectors representing areas of child development: health, social and education.
The event is the third in a series of conferences, focus groups and individual interviews devoted to defining the concept of child-centered approach, identifying areas of application and the development of specific indicators for monitoring. It takes place in the framework of a project funded by the Oak Foundation and called "System for child-centered monitoring in DI." In the second phase of the project, the elaborated indicators will be piloted in several municipalities, further revised and validated. The basic methodology in the project relies on the active participation of all stakeholders in the process of elaboration of the monitoring system, inclusion of expertise from the practice, academics, management and policy-making, as well as dialogue across sectors.


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