Access to Education for Refugee and Migrant Children in Europe


Date of publication:  11 Sep 2019 Publisher:  UNHCR Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The document is published by The UN Refugee Agency, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the International Organization for Migration to analyse the situation of refugee, migrant and asylum-seeking children regards education. The document refers to data available as of December 2018.

Main areas:

  • Overview of school-age refugee and migrant children in Europe
  • Education profiles of these children and background
  • Their access to education based on legalisations
  • Access to education in practice in the EU Countries
  • The main challenges and gaps reaching education
  • Refugee and migrant children learning, school attendance, outcomes,
  • Promising practises on a national level to change the situation
  • Recommendations
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European Union

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