Advancing the Defence Rights of Children Manual for Trainers


Date of publication:  01 Apr 2019 Author:  Magyar Helsinki Bizottság Publisher:  Fair Tirals Magyar Helsinki Bizottság Universiteit Leiden OIJJ APADOR Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

The manual is the product of collaborative work of Fair Trials, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the University of Leiden, OIJJ and APADOR.

In the manual, those interested in adapting this training programme for local jurisdictions are given a broad overview of how the training programme should be delivered, followed by a ‘module-by-module’ description of each element of the programmes, such as presentations and workshops. Annexed to this manual are various materials that training providers can adapt, including examples of Powerpoint presentations, scenarios, and exercises for their own training courses.  
This training manual should be used alongside the ‘Manual for Practitioners’. This provides the ‘syllabus’ for most aspects of the training course, and it is the primary basis of the substantive content of this training programme.  
Training providers interested in adapting this programme for local jurisdictions are encouraged to get in touch with Fair Trials (using the contact details at the beginning of this manual), for further tips and guidance on how this training should be delivered.  

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