Break the Silence! Sexual Violence within the Circle of Trust

Policy Brief (Albania)


Date of publication:  18 Nov 2015 Author:  Izela Tahsini#uid:1999 Publisher:  Terre des hommes Albania Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

The policy paper builds on the recently completed research - part of the Council of Europe's first monitoring report of the Lanzarote Convention for the protection of children from sexual abuse. After a brief description of the current situation in Albania maintaining an atmosphere of silence (idealization of the family, i.e. what happens in the house stay in the house, the prejudice and stigmatisation towards the victim,  a belief that children must be cared for but not listened to, and patriarchal gender roles where boy and men are in control) the document goes on to talk about gaps in the current system that need to be addressed:

  • lack of specialised services
  • restricted access to services (where they are, and what time they are available)
  • lack of transortation means of child protection workers
  • multiple interviews survivors need to go through
  • no protection of witneses from abusers,
  • negative role of media

Finally the document lists a number of recommendations for the government of Albania that should be implemented in order for the country to be in line with the Lanzarote Convention it has signed, and in order to provide adequate protection to children from sexual abuse.

These include (not comprehensive list):

-awareness raising, educating parents, caretakers, teachers, pratitioners
-awareness raising among children
- reform school curricula to focus on the healthy social, emotional and sexual development of children
but also to
- set up inter-ministerial group to set up procedural responsibilities
- strengthen reporting mechanisms
- build inclusive, comprehensive reaction model with 24-hour services


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